A dry, ashy season

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As the year progresses and the weather gets cooler, many of us will experience challenges with dry skin. MS MATHAHLE STOFILE investigates three types of remedies, designed for different preferences and budgets.

Many factors can cause your skin to be dry and/or sensitive including harsh weather, too much direct sun exposure, medication, seasonal changes, over-washing the face, using the incorrect products for your skin type as well as more internal causes such as genetic and hormonal influences. And then there is, of course, age.

The older we get, the less collagen our skin produces and the less ability it has to contain moisture. With all of these factors working against the maintenance of a nourished, healthy skin, one would be forgiven for throwing the towel, opting to live with dryness in your life. But as usual, we have you covered. Herewith some tried and tested remedies.

Solution 1 (The convenient route): Use a mild cleanser (usually milk or cream consistency) and a serum that will hydrate the skin and encourage its own collagen production.


– QMS Day and Night collagen serums

– Eucerin and Cetaphil have excellent ranges for this skin type. Use one of their cream based or oil based cleansers.

– Lipidol face cleansing oil

Solution 2 (The natural route): Coconut Oil to moisturise and moisture mask to treat

– Apply a generous portion of coconut oil by massaging it into cleansed skin before you go to bed. Do this every night and rinse/cleanse it off in the morning.

– Once a week make your own moisture mask by combining half an avocado with half a cup of honey. Apply the mixture all over the face and neck and rinse off after 10 minutes.

Solution 3 (The modern route):

– Go for hydrating facials at an aesthetic clinic.

Avoid facial products with fragrance and foaming cleansers and make sure whatever

*Note: for this skin type, avoid products that have a fragrance or contain alcohol.

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