The Collector | DJ Bubbles

A veteran DJ with deep reverence for not only the groove, but the history, evolution and connectedness of music, DJ Bubbles (MR SAKHILE NDLAZI) commands respect from both colleagues and his legion of sonically engaged fans. He is versatile – spinning soul, jazz, funk, house, hip-hop and unboxed mind jolters – hopping between sets at cool day parties on Jo’burg rooftops to playing the late set at a Pitori innercity club. He told us about why he collects vinyl and the very first record he bought with his own money.   

“I collect records & books because that’s my drug of choice. My dad and uncles were avid record collectors so I guess it may have rubbed off onto me. I still go over to my uncle’s house in Mamelodi to dig and borrow a huge stack of records for work and listening pleasure. I took up the discipline of music mainly because of how it made me feel and have been chasing that high ever since I figured out how to operate a turntable. I must have been like 7/8 years old. Through this medium I also learned valuable life lessons that weren’t taught in the classroom.
The first record I ever bought with my allowance as a kid was DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince – He’s The DJ & I’m The Rapper. The year was 1988, I was 10 years old. My dad had taken me and my little brother to the movies but made a pit stop at Musica. They were still selling vinyl records, cassettes and video tapes then and it only cost R19,99. I had 50 bucks so I still had change to watch the movie and play video games. I was really excited about that record because a few months prior a friend at school loaned me a tape called Rap Attack With Mr Magic and it only had two singles from that album ‘Girls Ain’t Nothing But Trouble’ and ‘Parents Just Don’t Understand’… And there I was about to hear the whole album.”


DJ Bubbles mixed a jazz/funk/soul mashup to ease any ache you may have. Click below and enjoy A noted.mix Vol. 1. 


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