Haunt | Douglas + Hale

Our Founder and Editor Mr Siphiwe Mpye moonlights as a food critic for EatOut, only the most respected and trusted platform for all things gastronomic. Here is a review he did recently, after visiting Douglas + Hale.

Douglas + Hale sits on a stretch of 4th Avenue in Parktown North where chef James Diack thrives. (Coobs, Il Contadino and La Stalla are nearby.) Previously the site of Diack’s The National, Douglas + Hale opened in late 2018  with the idea that it would be a cool wine and cocktail bar combined with an eatery that offers bar fare, tapas-style portions and substantial mains. As such, it’s as much about the tipple as it is about the nosh, and where the former excels (with some stellar cocktails and a ridiculously impressive wine list), the latter isn’t half bad. More here.


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