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You may be a no fuss guy (as in minimal, not just soap and water) or a product hoarder with a 10-step routine, we want to hear all about it. In our second piece in this series, we get the inside scoop on Fashion Buyer Mr Teboho Pheko’s current grooming regimen.

  1. Clinique Foaming Sonic Facial Soap: My favourite at the moment. Firstly, I liked creamy texture and the soft clean feeling on my skin after use, but I must admit when it comes to face wash I always try different brands.
  2. Clarins Gentle foaming cleanser: My skin is tends to be dry in winter and oily in summer, this in the only cleanser I can use for both seasons and it leaves my skin feeling renewed and consistently clear.
  3. Clarins Hydra essential (Moisturiser): This is the one product I’ve been using for years, which used to be called Hydra quench. In winter, I use one for very dry skin and in summer I change to the one for normal skin. It leaves my skin hydrated for a long time and it’s easily absorbed.
  4. Nivea Sun Protector (SPF 30): I apply this after Hydra Essential, reason being I’m yet to find a product that leaves my skin hydrated like Hydra Essential with SPF 30 in it.

    Mr Teboho Pheko
  5. Nivea Double Action Balm (After Shave): I usually shave once a week and this works perfectly. To be honest, I think I like the price more than what it’s meant to do on my skin.
  6. Nivea Invisible Deodorant: This is the best thing Nivea has come up with. Most deodorants leave my shirt with that white or yellow mark and this product doesn’t. It does what deodorants are supposed to do, keep me fresh for hours.
  7. Organic Coconut Oil: I don’t use body lotion, I use coconut oil instead. It nourishes my dry skin and it’s naturally antibacterial & anti fungal, a plus for us gym bunnies.
  8. Bleu De Chanel EDP: I have used this fragrance since they launched in 2010 and I haven’t looked back. It smells fresh & clean and gives me citrus & woody notes. I was sold because there are very few EDP’s for men and I get compliments all the time from both men and women.
  9. The BodyShop BB Cream: This is my magic cream. I only use it when I go out in the evenings, it gives me that glow so I’m always ready for a selfie or that professional shot.


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