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You may be a no fuss guy (as in minimal, not just soap and water) or a product hoarder with a 10-step routine, we want to hear all about it. To get things going, we tapped our editor Mr Siphiwe Mpye for his current grooming regimen.

1. Michael Mikiala Men Bump lotion: the most effective after shave and foil for in grown hairs I have ever come across. Mild, all natural and made specifically for African skin. I have been using this and many of the other products in the MMM range since they were my client some years ago, and haven’t looked anywhere else.
2. Rooibos tissue oil: heals and nourishes the body, which tends to get dry in winter. Its great as a ‘first coat’ before your regular body lotion. It also helps with blemishes on the skin (think scars, oven burn marks and yes, we get them too, stretch marks)
3. Hair brush: I usually keep my hair short (open clipper in summer and number 1 in winter), so a few strokes of the brush and I’m usually ready to go. But I have now started growing my hair. It may be the weather, it may be a mid life jolt, but we’ll see where it all goes. 
4. Beard comb: I have taken to using the reasonably wide-toothed side of this comb (so the beard is neatened, with minimal breakage) for my beard after my wife (and our Grooming Editor) informed me that using the same brush I use on my hair isn’t a good idea (hair food, pollution and various hair oils are not great for your beard or your face.)  
5. YSL Tuxedo: this winter, this is the fragrance I am using as a base on which to layer two or three rotating complimentary fragrances.  


From left: SkinCeuticals Metacell Renewel B3; Normaderm Aquagel hydratant; Eucerin oil control sun gel-creme, SPF 50+; Nanoblur corrector (discontinued).
From left: SkinCeuticals Metacell Renewel B3; Normaderm Aquagel hydratant; Eucerin oil control sun gel-creme, SPF 50+; Nanoblur corrector.


6. Normaderm Aquagel hydratant: a hydrating gel that helps with oil control and skin balancing. I use this first, after a face cleanse (face wash daily and an exfoliator twice a week).  
7. SkinCeuticals Metacell Renewel B3: a comprehensive daily emulsion that assists in correcting early signs of photoaging. It has an easy consistency, leaving the skin clear and taut. I use this second.
8. Eucerin oil control sun gel-creme, SPF 50+: sunscreen is the holy rail, especially when the SPF is this high and it doesn’t leave your face greasy or grey/white. 
9. Nanoblur corrector: a quick fix for a photo opportunity, mattifies the T-zone and conceals fine lines, wrinkles or crow’s feet. Unfortunately this has been discontinued in South Africa, but easily available online. 

Mail us – – to tell us about your grooming routine and we may just publish it. 
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