Imbawula | What’s English got to do with it?

imbawula - zwai

On the 3rd of February the first Imbawula of 2016 was held in the intimate Jazz Room venue at Bassline, Newtown with four storytellers who shared personal stories that were all completely different. The stories ranged from touching and thought provoking, to downright hilarious.

The musician, Mr Zwai Bala, was one of the storytellers and he told a story about how he grew up regarding being fluent in English as a measure of intelligence and the ultimate goal of education. His story also poked fun at how English never loved us as black people, at least not as much as we love(d) it. Watch the story below.

(This story was longer than the 10 minute time limit and as such, we had to edit it.)

For info on the next Imbawula, go to the Random Window Facebook page.

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