Imbawula | The childhood fruit mafia

Imbawula lwandile fikeni

At the last Imbawula storytelling evening, the writer Mr Lwandile Fikeni recalled a time as a member of “a mafia of 8 year-olds who’ve been stealing so much they’ve got an organisational structure like corporate South Africa.” We are certain that a lot of people can relate to this popular childhood pastime.

Mr Fikeni was one of the four storytellers at the previous Imbawula held on February 3rd at Bassline, Newtown and we were kind enough to record his story for those who could not make it and those who just want to relive it. If this does not convince you to attend the next one, I don’t know what will. Watch the story below.

(This story was longer than the 10-minute time limit and such, we had had to edit it.)

For info on the next Imbawula, go to the Random Window Facebook page.


Image by Mr Trevor Ndobela

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