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Welcome to noted.man, a destination founded on ongoing conversations with gentlemen on the African continent and the Diaspora. These conversations regularly unpack masculinities, identity, society, art, culture, style and the political economy. While we are launching as a multimedia platform based in South Africa, we consider ourselves very much a Pan-African lifestyle brand. Because of my parallel career in the integrated communications space, I am well aware how vague and pretentious this term can come across, so we do not call ourselves this uncritically. What exactly is lifestyle? Our interpretation of it is simple, it is the way you live your life. noted.man explores the kind of men we want to be, consistently, while acknowledging our failings and learnings. This is not a bible, or some kind of manhood manual. Such a thing does not exist. What we are presenting are ideas, options, considerations, perspectives and points of deliberation to a man who likes to ponder.

The noted.man is a traveler, a stylish art lover and a thinker. He is politically engaged, active in his community and is not encumbered with physical, spatial or mental borders. Our pillars of Thought, Style, Culture and Life, will not mimic the ebb and flow of the mainstream news agenda, but will dare not ignore the glaring unfolding narratives in South Africa and the continent.

As I write this, it is World Aids Day and we are still observing 16 days of activism against women and child abuse. The news of the day reminds us that while the anti-retroviral programme in South Africa continues its relative success, new infections, especially among young girls, continue to rise. Also in the news is a cruel coincidence, the controversy around a television show that routinely – either explicitly or implicitly – ridicules the black experience and validates pedophiles. In our pursuit of an alternative news agenda, we cannot and will not ignore these and other regressive, dangerous developments.

The words of encouragement from all over the world during our teaser campaign have heartened us and on a personal level, I would like to acknowledge the extraordinary team that has worked on the platform and the many new contributors we will introduce to you as we endeavour  to publish quality, thoughtful content. The people you see in the image above have given of themselves in a way that could launch a thousand “hashtag blessed” posts, were we the type to do that sort of thing. All I will simply say is thank you. We are really on the cusp of something special and I will never forget how you embraced the noted.man vision and gave to it so selflessly.

While mistakes will happen and glitches will be the order of the day, we will always pursue, and believe wholeheartedly in rigorous, slow, quality journalism. We do not believe in the notion that online publishing need be inferior to print, and given time, we will grow into one of your favourite, quality online destinations. For the conceivable future, we will be sharing one post daily on one or both our platforms – here and on Instagram (@notedmanza). Though one can share our content on other platforms, we do not have an official presence beyond these. This may change in the future, but at the moment we are keeping it simple. The less noise the better.


*This Editorial has been updated.


Siphiwe Mpye

Editor & Publisher


Standing, L to R: Siyabonga Mkhasibe, Lee Molefi, Siphiwe Mpye, Bongani Mokhine, Kabelo Kungwane
Seated, L to R:Aluwani Ratshiungo, Bongani Madondo, Mathahle Stofile, Tshepo Mosokotso.
AWOL: Gavin Weale
Image by Siyabonga Mkhasibe


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