X Bisquit Cognac: Exploring ‘making’ at Sanlam HmC

After attending the Sanlam Handmade Contemporary Fair (HmC) religiously over the years, we are thrilled to announce that will be popping up at this year’s edition, in partnership with Bisquit Cognac, The Perfect Hair Company and MØDERNIST.

We spent a significant part of the year thinking about what value we could add to the popular annual gathering of artists, designers, artisans, media and enthusiasts, and found inspiration in the fair’s 2018 theme: ‘A return to making’. In the first instance, we identified South African brands whose commitment to making inspired us, and sought to give them a platform. Next, in line with our love for dialogue, we pondered an appropriate discussion around making.

Making, or craft, is one of our obsessions, speaking variously to creativity, social impact, luxury, provenance and commerce. But in the era of the hashtag, making has also become a buzzword (along with many others), exposing it to the danger of dilution as the next buzzword comes along. We therefore wanted to explore this idea of making, what it actually means and its seen and unseen impact. We will be doing this in the form of a panel discussion dubbed ‘The meaning of making’ on opening night (Thursday, 11 October) at Sanlam HmC, at the Maison Bisquit Cocktail Bar.


Participating in the discussion will be Mr Anikesh Ramani, Co-founder of MØDERNIST furniture and lifestyle store; Ms. Taryn Gill – Founder of The Perfect Hair Company; as well as Menzi Mcunu, all round Dandy and the Founder and Editor of Afrocentric Gentlemvn. The panel is by invitation only, but we will be sharing the content across our platforms.

An added feature of our presence will be our complimentary men’s grooming station in the lounge area – kitted out by MØDERNIST – at Maison Bisquit, where patrons will get a chance to fix that lineup or get a nourishing beard treatment from our barber, while enjoying a finely crafted cognac or a special #BisquitCreator cocktail. The Perfect Hair will also have products – like their brand new men’s beard and shaving oil – for sale.

We look forward to seeing you at some point over next weekend, come through and say hi.


Sanlam HmC is open to the public from Friday 12 – Sunday 14 October. Tickets at













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