An open letter to Khoisan 6/Napoleon Webster

Marikana activist Mr Napoleon Webster, otherwise known as Khoisan 6, has been languishing in jail for a hundred days without bail. His sin, the state charges, is the mob killing of an allegedly corrupt official in the volatile North West town. There is evidence to suggest however, that Webster was not even in the vicinity of the killing and that his incarceration was politically motivated.  On the occasion of his hundred days behind bars, his friend and comrade, MS. MASELLO MOTANA wrote him a letter.         

It’s not very often that one addresses a letter to a person with both names (because you have two names). In a normal situation I would address you either as Napoleon or as Khoisan but we are operating in a sKITSOphrenic land with a more sKITSOphrenic name and identity.

As you spend a hundred days behind democratic bars, I am sad to report to you that the KITSO has left the building. Now the president is the problem and not the set up of the country itself. The politics of respectability are washing Cyril’s (Ramaphosa, Deputy President, RSA) hands clean as hours become days in front of your eyes. I am ashamed to report from the outside that black miners’ lives are worth far less than an economy that we still do not own. Imagine if the “nation” rose on their feet after the Lonmin massacre? Would it have been necessary for you to call out Ramaphosa at the subsequent Marikana inquest?

The clashing of Azania and South Africa necessitates your being in jail right now and I know you understand, but unfortunately it is your young children that suffer presently for this clash of identities that is based on resources. One must swallow the other someday and it is necessary to quote you here:

“I have seen the future and we emerge victorious”. Remember those words Khoisan, like a prayer. When they use their pens and papers to frustrate you, remember those words. Your words will haunt South Africa until Azania returns.

I am ashamed to report from the outside that black miners’ lives are worth far less than an economy that we still do not own.

Till then, you remain our hero. You remain our hero for chanting ” Blood On His Hands” when most had started washing Ramaphosa’s hands in the name of “business”. You remain our hero for leading a brazen occupation in Marikana to establish Khabasingene, for to occupy is to self determine one’s own shelter and movement. It is an exercise of Kujichagulia as Kenyata prescribed. I leave you with this my dear Jacobinian:

“Fourchard, a Haitian Historian, has recently published a work which establishes that  it was not so much the slaves but the MAROONS, those who had run away and made a life for themselves in the mountains or forests, who had led the revolutions and created the foundation of the Haitian nation.” C.L.R James, The Black Jacobins.

I remain your apprentice in maroonery,

Masello Motana

Image: Dailyvox

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