A rum to redeem the category

With the discovery of a relatively new drink, MR SIPHIWE MPYE exorcised his rum demons and found a surprising new favourite.  

In my personal drinking history, rum has had a chequered history. The times I have been forced – for an array of reasons – to drink the stuff, I have behaved badly, smelled even worse, and written off at least two days after the fact. Even on my first ever trip to the Caribbean, I drank everything but rum.
It is curious then, that at least two older male friends have palettes that delight only in the taste of rum. This is a particular kind of rum: pungent, robust, deliberate and – the said rum drinkers swore – a consistently reliable understudy for Viagra. I have not drunk enough of that stuff to attest to its favours in the bedroom, but I can attest to its hangovers and propensity to induce drunk dialing. But this of course is a subjective experience of ordinary rum. With the arrival around two months ago of SPYTAIL Black Ginger Rum on our shores, I am pleasantly surprised to say that it is clear to see why the category is on the up, reportedly in a manner that will rival the rise of gin.
Distilled in the Caribbean and aged, spiced and blended at a small family distillery in Cognac, France SPYTAIL can now be enjoyed free of duties, straight from your local bottle store. The first thing that strikes you is the packaging: a nod to its inspiration by submarines of old. Next, the embossed, handsome bottle and the deep amber colour of the liquid, before the spicy ginger nose hits you and finally, the smooth, sweet (not saccharine) and rich finish. Everything it promises, it delivers, straight, on the rocks, with ginger, coke or any mixer, really. With this kind of versatility, it will compete with an assortment of your favourite drinks, and especially since the morning afters are breezy and the world has no idea, through your breath nor your pores, what you were up to the previous night. If you are looking to try a new drink this summer, you could do worse. Cheers.
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