Safety razors, back to basics

Safety razors (or double-edged razors) have made a big comeback in recent years, as many of us drop out of the multiple razor cartridge Olympics, with good cause, writes Mr Siphiwe Mpye.

If you have course, curly or coily hair, this option is for you. Unlike the 3 – 7 razor cartridge options – that cut below the skin’s surface – safety razors cut only on the skin’s surface, with far less post shaving irritation.
Cutting below the surface increases the chances of irritation and in grown hairs – as your curly hair grows back at an angle and doesn’t make it through the follicles, causing those dreaded bumps.

Photo: Siphiwe Mpye

This durable, stainless steel example from Lion costs about R26.00 and comes with five free razors.  Each razor is good for about five shaves. Available at Clicks, which has many outlets open during lockdown in South Africa. We hope shaving constitutes an essential service.  

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