SAMW AW16 | Our favourite looks #1


South African Menswear Week (SAMW) AW16 came to an end over the weekend, and over the course of this week we will be sharing our favourite looks from the showcase. One look a day, as chosen by different members of the team. We begin with our Assistant Editor, MS. ALUWANI RATSHIUNGO.

“This is my favourite look from Jenevieve Lyon’s standout collection, Macula – another word for macule, meaning spot or dot. After seeing a freckled boy living with Albinism in a short film titled Moshanyana, she decided that her collection would be an exploration and celebration of “freckles on a milk face”. The muted, earthy tones also hint at subtle military and army references. Some of the garments have freckles painted onto them, like the sweater on this look. Jenevieve’s use of wool and traditional felt makes this look perfect for winter. It is minimalistic with clean cuts and perfect finishes, making it sophisticated, even though the styling on this look is laid back.”


See the rest of her work here.

Photographer/ SDR Photo

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