Instant hydration for your skin

The warmer days and Jozi’s toxic air have presented some dry skin challenges that MR SIPHIWE MPYE decided, or, rather, was ‘prescribed’ a serum to rescue his skin and restore some vital moisture. 

Recently, upon my return from an errand, my ever attentive wife – who is also our Grooming Editor – noticed that my skin was looking a little drier than usual.  A day later and the dryness had turned to peeling, my skin evidently crying out for renewal and moisture. I had been using a scrub once a week and a good moisturiser, but as it turns out for the steadily higher temperatures, the dryer post winter air and ever intensifying Joburg pollution, stripping my skin of moisture it needs to get through the day.
The remedy? It was recommended that I change my face wash to a face oil and I started using the Clarins Hydra Essentiel intensive moisture quenching bi-phase serum underneath my moisturiser. So, what is and intensive moisture quenching bi-phase serum? Serums are there to treat specific problems. They have more active ingredients and more concentrated. They also tend to be more expensive.
There are serums that treat everything from oiliness and pigmentation, to wrinkles and enlarged pores. In this case, the problem was dryness and this serum has put paid to those issues. The change was almost immediate and after a few weeks, the skin feels plumper and hydrated for much longer, with no tightness. Apply morning and/or evening before your moisturiser.
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