Skin worth travelling in

With the holiday season almost upon us, many of us will be heading off in different directions, to destinations near and far. Wherever you decide to go, MS MATHAHLE STOFILE has some handy recommendations for keeping your skin in the best condition while in transit.

We love holidays, especially those laced with lazy days in the sun, not far from a body of water, with a refreshing beverage never too far away. Many of these destinations require a fair bit of travel and if you do not take care while in transit, your few days of rest and relaxation could come at the expense of putting your skin.

If you are going to be inside a plane for hours on end, your skin is bound to lose some moisture. Once this happens, your it overcompensates and starts producing excess oil. This is why you usually land at your destination with a fine film of grease covering your nose, forehead and chin areas. This happens despite your skin feeling tight and dehydrated. The good news? It can be avoided if you wash and treat your face as close to your departure time as possible.Cleanse: Remove all impurities with a deep cleanse. Massage the face all over with the cleanser before rinsing off.

1. Exfoliate: Remove all dead skin cell build-up so product can penetrate better and your skin’s texture will feel much smoother. For travel, exfoliating pads are excellent.

2. Protect: Protect your skin from all the infrared lighting on board as well as free radicals by using a good antioxidant.

3. Treat/hydrate (don’t forget the eyes, hands and lips!): Lock in your skin’s natural moisture by using a hydrating serum. Use what’s left of the product in your palms to rub into the back of your hands and fingers. Hands are one of the first parts of our bodies to show signs of ageing.

4. Moisturise: Protect your skin’s barrier and provide additional moisture by applying a cream or lotion suitable for your skin type.

On landing:

1. Wipes: To freshen up the skin and clean off any sweat or bacteria you may have picked up during the flight, use cleansing wipes. They are convenient and don’t require any rinsing.

2. Hydrate: Depending on how thirsty your skin feels upon landing, apply a serum (if not too dry) or moisturiser (if pretty dry) or both (if extremely dry).

3. Protect (sun care and antioxidant): Before you step out of that plane, put on some sunscreen, at least SPF 30 but preferably SPF 50. Remember, you exfoliated your skin so it will be a little more sensitive to the sun than usual. Make sure you apply some sunscreen to the back of your hands as well, especially if you will be driving.



1. Cleanse:

-Eucerin Dermopurifyer Cleanser (for oily/acne prone skin) Dermalogica

-Special Cleansing Gel (for all skin types)


2. Exfoliate:

-Michael Mikiala Men Face Scrub

-Comfort Zone Sublime Skin exfoliating pads


3. Treat/Hydrate:

-Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum

-Clinique Smart Serum


4. Protect:

-Skin Ceuticals Antioxidant Phloretin CF

-Eucerin Gel Cream Sunscreen SPF 50


5. Moisturise:

-Neutrogena Hydra Boost Gel Cream

-Clinique for Men Maximum Hydrator

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