A surprising take on Italian masculinity

Brand promises undelivered are no longer an anomaly in a hyper consuming society, but sometimes, the surprises that brands throw up unexpectedly, can be pleasant. A case in point, as  MR SIPHIWE MPYE found out, is the Salvatorre Ferragamo Uomo “Casual Life” fragrance. 

The most significant thing to note about this fragrance is the surprisingly pleasant and relatively subtle scent, for one billed as an “Italian quest for positivity, a unique style. A scent which encodes the most dynamic facet of masculinity”. I expected bravado and Italian exuberance, yet found a well created scent, with restrained strength.   
Launched two months ago, I have given it time to settle in, saw it through the season change and it is a fresh and confident Spring/Summer day scent that is both masculine and refreshingly under stated, not looking to announce your arrival well before you turn the corner. With a top, heart and dry down note combination spanning violet, coffee and white cedarwood among others, the combination oozes freshness, vibrancy and any kind of masculinity you subscribe to. This is a mainstream, designer fragrance that even the most discerning and ‘individualistic’ of our readers can appreciate.  
Top: Violet leaves, Lemon, Cardamom
Heart: Coffee, Geranium, Ambrox
Dry-Down: Cashmere Wood, White Cedarwood, White Musks
50ml R 1 000.00
100ml R 1 380.00
Available across retailers
Image by Mr Siphiwe Mpye
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