Treating pigmentation: a nocturnal affair


Pigmentation is an all too common problem for many people of colour and there are various products designed to treat this. As MS. MATHAHLE STOFILE explains, the time of day you choose to use these products is crucial. 

Whenever you use a product to treat pigmentation or discoloration, the effect is that of a mild peel or intense exfoliation, leaving your skin sensitised. The products peel away the skin’s dead outer layer, encouraging it to renew itself quicker, slowly peeling off or getting rid of the pigmented layer, literally giving you brand new skin.

When using treatment products (like the Michael Mikiala Men Vitaminised Exfoliator in the image) opt to use them in the evening rather than in the morning, because once your skin has been peeled or exfoliated (or sensitised), it is more susceptible to sun damage (i.e. burning), leaving you with more discoloration and damage. When you use these products at night, you go straight into the safety of your bed and are not exposed to the harsh African sun. This is also the time when your skin works on regenerating itself, while you sleep. It is the safest time for your skin and the best time for your face products to produce optimum results.

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