Womb-Man | A story about infertility

Infertility is a sensitive enough subject, without the stigma often attached it. Although men and women can suffer from it, it is women who bear the brunt of a society that essentialises womanhood around child-bearing. For those who endure the pain of longing for a child, with no natural means to conceive one, it is often difficult struggle to articulate. In Womb-Man, filmmaker MS. MOLATELO MANEITJE turns the lens on herself, using her love for storytelling to break the silence. 

Womb-Man tells the story of a black female filmmaker struggling with infertility. The film – which 40 year-old Ms. Molatelo Mainetje started documenting in 2007 after finding out that she could not fall pregnant naturally – gives us an intimate look into her journey to becoming a mother. The award winning filmmaker decided to use her platform as a storyteller to give women like her a voice.

Even though she now lives a modern city life, she comes from a traditional background and as such, tries to strike a balance between the two in the film by showing her traditional healing and InVitro Fertilisation (IVF) attempts.

In a society where womanhood is largely and unfairly essentialised around the ability to reproduce, with infertility viewed as a sensitive and shameful subject this is certainly a story that needs to be told. “The society I grew up in sees a woman as a mother. You must have given birth to be accepted as a woman,” says Ms. Mainetje.

Womb-Man is expected to be released as a multi-platform project during Women’s Month in 2018 with a stage play and book included. Having self-funded the project thus far, the team is raising additional funds for the last leg of production and they hope to raise about R150 000 by 30 October 2016.You can make your contribution here.

Watch the trailer below:

For more information contact Molatelo Mainetje on 083 714 5648 or email mainetje.molatelo@gmail.com

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